National Pony Express–Nevada Division

Ft. Churchill 2018 - Photo Credit: Hellen Newman
National Pony Express–Nevada Division

We are an organization that promotes the legend of the Pony Express and does a re-ride each June to help keep the trail open.

The National Pony Express Association is looking for new members. Membership is open to all as either a Rider or Associate Member. Riders must be experienced equestrians, at least 18 years of age (14 with parental permission and supervision), and be willing to abide by the Pony Express Oath and Rider Requirements.

Candidates need to be accomplished riders. They should have the ability to ride 2-20 miles of trail at a speed of 8-11 miles per hour over a variety of terrain including county roads and backcountry trail. Some night riding may be required.

Every second Thursday evening in Carson City, NV
Carson City
  • Ft. Churchill 2018  -the Oath - Photo Credit: Hellen Newman