Brand Inspections 101

Nevada is a brand inspection state.

Nevada Revised Statute 565 requires a brand inspection by a Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) inspector whenever before horses are transported out of a brand district or across state lines, and whenever a change of ownership takes place. Even if you never trailer or sell your horse, a brand inspection can help if your horse is ever lost or stolen.

A brand inspection is simply an official ID for a horse. Your horse does not need to have a brand to get one! Getting a brand inspection is a fairly simple process and can save a lot of headache in the long run. Here are 5 things to know about brand inspections in Nevada.

  1. You must provide proof of ownership by having a brand inspector present at the time of sale, a brand inspection from another state, a certificate of veterinary inspection indicating ownership (if the horse is coming into Nevada from a non-brand inspection state), or with a bill of sale.
  2. Generally, horse owners can expect to pay $10.00 for the first horse and $3.00 for each additional horse during one brand inspection.
  3. In addition to a brand inspection, you might need a transportation permit (to transport across district or state lines). These permits are valid statewide, as well as in California, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, and Utah. You can get an annual transportation permit for $25.00 or a lifetime permit for $50.00.
  4. There are no inspection stations in Nevada, but the NDA has certified law enforcement officers throughout the state who are authorized to stop vehicles and request to see documents at their discretion.
  5. If your brand inspected horse is ever lost or stolen, report it to your brand inspector. The NDA will open an investigation and an alert will be issued to all western states brand inspectors, livestock agents, and law enforcement.

To get a brand inspection and/or transportation permit, contact the brand inspector nearest you. Make sure to give them at least 24 hours notice.

A list of brand inspectors in northern Nevada can be found HERE.
A list of brand inspectors in southern Nevada can be found HERE.

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map showing brand inspection districts of Nevada

Story by Samantha Szesciorka