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FSIE Madrid expresses its complete rejection of the situation of inequality experienced by Concerted Education professionals compared to their colleagues in Public Education, favored by the Community of Madrid.

Faced with this fact, last November a campaign was launched to defend, in front of the Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid, the rights of the workers of the Concerted Education. Subsequently, a collection of signatures began among the professionals of the sector that tomorrow will be extended to all those who want to defend the improvement of the rights of the workers of the Enseñanza Concertada because defending their rights is defending a quality education.

Starting tomorrow, FSIE Madrid continues to collect signatures from the entire population, to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of professionals in the sector and that good conditions for workers result in better education for all.

Tomorrow, April 26, the union will begin this work on Madrid Street in Getafe, on the corner of Leganés Street, at 12:00 p.m. and it will be extended to all corners of the Community of Madrid.

All dates and locations will be published on their social networks

In this way, the union maintains its demands for the professionals of the Concertada. Partial retirement is a vital claim for workers in the sector and is a reality in almost all Autonomous Communities, regardless of the political sign of their administration. In this sense, FSIE Madrid recalls that “Public Education workers have access to full retirement at the age of 60, when in Madrid, due to the absence of an agreement, a partial retirement is not even possible, leaving the worker at the expense of the effective retirement age, currently 66 years and 2 months and rising.

At FSIE Madrid we demand full and fair remuneration for substitutes who perform the same work as the owner, in addition, the inclusion of Administration and Services Personnel (PAS) in delegated payment is a fact of justice with a very low cost for the administration and that it would improve the conditions of some workers who are the heart of the centers and whose work is fundamental for the development of the activity in it.

The individual supplements approved for Public Education workers clearly show the growing divergence between both groups.

Finally, the Madrid union affirms that the Constitution of the Sectoral Table in Concerted Education is ” essential to recover a forum for debate and dialogue that should never have disappeared, at no cost to the Administration, a place to debate and reach agreements as It has been happening in Public Education in recent years.

Over the last few years, in each of the meetings that FSIE Madrid has held with the Government of the Community, “we have raised all these issues with them and we find ourselves with a constant refusal on the part of the Administration and that we cannot continue allowing. The Government of the Community is relegating Concerted Education to a subsidiarity within the sector and leading its professionals to a serious situation of inferiority, “they add.

For all this, FSIE Madrid has expressed its indignation “at the deterioration of the working conditions of the workers of the Concerted Education, and regrets the latest decisions of the Community of Madrid, hoping that they reconsider and redirect this situation”, they conclude.

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