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The Ministry of Industry has extended the deadline to request aid from the industrial part of the Electric and Connected Vehicle Perte (Perte VEC), whose window has been open since April 1 .

In this way, the Official State Gazette (BOE) today publishes a ministerial order in which the base order and the call for the industrial part of Perte are modified. Said modification states that the deadline for submitting projects is extended until May 17, 2022 , when initially the deadline was stipulated until May 3.

The new ministerial order also includes an extension of possible beneficiaries to newly established companies , which were previously excluded for certain lines of investment. In this way, the possibility of aid reaching a greater number of SMEs is opened up.

The order also modifies the training section that must be carried out on a mandatory basis as part of the projects, specifying that they can be taught through digital platforms.

Finally, a correction of the guarantee regime is introduced and a declaration of responsibility to be presented by the entities that are part of the group is incorporated, stating that they are not in a crisis situation.

2,975 million euros
The Perte_VEC industrial line has a budget of 2,975 million euros, of which 1,550 million correspond to subsidies , which represents 52.1% of the total, while 1,425 million will be earmarked for loans, 47.9% of the total.

In addition, the aid granted within the framework of this call will be multi-annual and may take the form of grants, loans or a combination of loans and grants.

The total funding to be granted by primary project and entity will be a maximum of 80% of the fundable budget , or 75% if it corresponds to the line of regional investment aid. In calculating this total financing, the nominal loan plus the subsidy will be added.

Among the conditions that the applications submitted must have, it is worth noting that the group must be made up of at least five entities that are not part of the same group related to the manufacture of the electric vehicle. In addition, it must have 40% SMEs and a knowledge provider entity.

In this way, the development of the project foresees a total investment of 24,009 million euros in the period 2021-2023 between public and private investments.

The job creation generated by Perte could reach 140,000 jobs and the contribution to GDP would be between 1% and 1.7%. Other expected impacts would be reaching 250,000 registered electric vehicles by 2023 and between 80,000 and 110,000 recharging points deployed.

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