DMV Offers New Horse-Themed Specialty License Plate

Statewide – The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has released a new license plate to benefit the Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund. The Virginia Range Mustangs license plate costs $62 initially and $30 for each annual renewal. The Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund will receive $25 from each initial purchase and $20 from each renewal.

The license features a photograph of a stallion named Ghost who lives in the Virginia Range. The photograph was taken by Ellen Holcomb, a Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund board member.

The wild horse advocacy organization says they will use the proceeds to benefit the Virginia Range horses. Their proposed budget designates funds for fencing, fertility control, hay for rescued horses, diversionary feed for horses on the range, rangeland rehabilitation, orphan foal rescue, and other services.

The Virginia Range is located east of Reno, north of Carson City, west of Fallon, north of Stagecoach, and south of Fernley. It crosses Lyon, Storey, and Washoe counties. The Nevada Department of Agriculture estimates about 3,000 horses are living in the range. Because the horses reside on state, local, and private land they are not protected under the federal Wild Free-Roaming Wild Horses and Burros Act.

The Nevada DMV offers a variety of specialty license plates, including several equestrian themed plates. For more information on charitable plates, visit:

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