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The magistrate, Vector Zika, accepted the request of the prosecutor’s office and the defense agreement of Fujimori and 41 co-defendants.

The new status, known as indictment control, will test whether a lawyer’s indictment, which lasts three years and faces up to 30 years and 10 months in prison for Fujimori, complies with the provisions of the Penal Code.

The list of defendants includes Fujimori’s American husband, Marc Vito Villanella, members of his political environment and the alleged crimes, including money laundering, criminal association, lying and obstruction of justice.

The allegations refer to millionaire funds secretly obtained from Brazilian Odebrecht and other companies, the Fujimori election campaigns of 2011 and 2016 and the attempts of the defendants to cover them up to legalize them.

The lawyer is asking for 30 years and 10 months in prison for Fujimori party leaders, Fuerza Popular or their environmental members Jaime Joshiyama, Jose Zimber, Vicente Silva, Adriana Tarasona, Pierre Ficari and Ana Herz.

It demands 22 years and eight months imprisonment for Vito Villanella and various sentences for other offenders.

Prosecution collects affidavits from so-called witnesses and so-called accomplices, i.e., those involved who have provided organs to convict key offenders to reduce their legal liability

According to attorney Perez, Fujimori continued to commit similar violations during this year’s presidential campaign, which failed like the previous two.

In previous months, Fujimori and his lawyers, or his co-defendants, sought to overturn Perez’s indictment, which was filed on March 11, and removed attorney and judge Zika, who was determined to postpone the start of the trial, but they did not succeed.

The trial lasted about three years and Fujimori was remanded in custody for nearly a year and three months, and is currently on probation, without denying that attorney Perez is seeking his remand.

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