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The illegal market of streaming platforms is making life impossible for companies like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+ or Spotify. These are authentic ‘bargains’ that are offered outside the official websites and that offer the same services for less money.

The prices of companies that offer paid streaming content have risen and that has encouraged many users to look for cheaper methods that offer the same. However, few dare to think about what is hidden behind this business: a kind of ‘black market’ in the sector.

Netflix for 8 euros, Spotify Premium for 9.99 euros or even HBO Max and Disney + for less than one euro. These are the juicy deals that sellers give, but completely illegally.

How do they manage to lower the prices of these platforms?
To offer the companies’ services, illegal vendors take advantage of flaws in the streaming platforms’ system to gain access to accounts that legally pay for these services. In other words, users who pay for these supposed ‘bargains’ receive a name and password that they must not change under any circumstances. Why? Because it really is about other people’s accounts.

In the case of Spotify, it is difficult for the real owner of the account to realize that someone else is using it. However, with Netflix it is easier, so paying for this illegal ‘offer’ does not ensure that the owner will not change their password or delete the account.

They sell one-month premium accounts in which they sign up with different credit cards.They sell premium accounts in which they sign up with different credit cards.Privacy Affairs
According to Reddit users , some cybercriminals take advantage of credit card bank details to take advantage of a free premium month and sell it. In these cases, the hackers asked their buyers to contact them to get new credentials.

The danger of these pirate platforms
These illegal bargains are sold through little-known websites, in forums, on trading pages, or even on the Deep Web. According to these sellers, users can get subscriptions to Netflix, HBO Max, Disney + or Spotify with prices lower than those offered by the original companies.

Who would resist these bargains, right? It looks like a true paradise, but it is still illegal. Article 298 of Organic Law 10/1995, of November 23, of the Penal Code says the following:

“Whoever, for profit and with knowledge of the commission of a crime against property or the socioeconomic order, in which he has not intervened either as an author or an accomplice, helps those responsible to take advantage of the effects thereof, or receives, acquires or hides such effects, will be punished with a prison sentence of six months to two years”.
In addition, there is not only the legal issue, but buyers can be victims of a scam. By providing bank details to a cybercriminal, users run the risk that the cybercriminal will not offer them the services and still keep the money.

According to estimates , approximately two million people access their Spotify Premium service illegally. Faced with this situation, the platform is beginning to send messages to users in which they detect this fraudulent action. In the message, Spotify warns that they have temporarily deactivated their account and that to activate it again they have to install the official application.

For its part, Netflix has recently talked about the drop in the number of subscribers on its streaming platform in recent months . Is this because users are getting tired of the company’s price increases or because they are contracting its services illegally?

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